Why is it More Advantageous to have LOCAL representation?
Isn’t the IRS more intimidated by those big national firms I see on TV?

I’m Local – It is to your Advantage to have LOCAL representation!

Apart from being both an Accountant and an Attorney, and not taking into account my over 25 years of experience, and also not considering the in-depth knowledge and experience I have as a forensic accountant…all that aside, the answer is “NO”.

When I handle someone’s tax problems, I like to go to the source of that problem—the Revenue Agent or Criminal Investigator. I meet with them in person, get a feel for who they are and let them get to know me as well. This helps establish credibility between the two of us. National tax resolution firms tend to be “paper-driven” or farm out the work to some unknown handler in the region. There’s very little ability to assess the character of the person handling the case.

As well, there’s very little opportunity to express the expertise of the tax payor’s representative—yes, you read that right. In going to meet with the agents involved, not only do I get to take their pulse, they get to take mine! And what that means is that they often recognize MY expertise and ability, and above all, my willingness to zealously represent you in all aspects of your tax troubles.

Revenue Agents and Criminal Investigators just simply cannot get a sense of who a professional is through letters or even phone calls.

It is vital to achieving the best resolution of your tax troubles that you be seen as a human being and not a file, or number, or document. By being local, by handling local cases, by being able and willing to journey to meet with the Revenue Agent or Criminal Investigator handling YOUR case, I am able to humanize you to these people. This helps you gain the benefit of the doubt when your situation calls for discretion or the exercise of an agent’s judgment. When you are just a file or a number in the agent’s mind, not only can they not give you the benefit of the doubt, but they axiomatically perceive you in the most negative light possible! It’s just human nature, and it’s the only conclusion that the agents can reach. But it can often mean the difference between paying a civil penalty or being charged with a crime…or being completely exonerated from all charges and penalties altogether!

No matter what you see on TV or hear on the radio, or even read on the internet, the IRS is not intimidated by anyone. Not even members of Congress can intimidate an IRS Revenue Agent or Criminal Investigator. But consider this: when the agent handling your tax case gets coffee in the morning on their way to the office… Get the point?

Being local has its advantages.