Top 10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Tax Resolution Company

#1 – In your initial call or meeting, are you speaking with an attorney or a salesman?

#2 – Is the person you are hiring solely devoted to tax resolution matters as her or her job?

#3 – Is your representative a lawyer and the company a law firm?

#4 – Is the representative making a recommendation for resolution of your case without first gathering and analyzing the particular facts of your case?

#5 – Are you talking with the person who will be handling your case? Do you have any control over who represents you?

#6 – Does the company disclose where their offices are located so you could visit them in person?

#7 – Does the company hide behind a faceless name with an 800 telephone number and unknown physical location?

#8 – Does the company seem more interested in closing the sale (telling you essentially want you want to hear) or is it honest with you when you have bad facts or bad law?

#9 – Does the company seem more interested in collecting your fees than ensuring your well-being?

#10 – Has the company been doing IRS Representation work for more than 25 years?