Our Process for Complete Resolution of Tax Issues

Consultation (Within 24 hours):

This is the beginning of the resolution of your case. You will be talking to Dale R. Kennedy IRS Tax Attorney and Accountant about your current tax problems (not a salesman). General tax information may be exchanged so that we have an understanding of all the relevant issues with your particular tax problem. A general outline of your options and associated costs will be presented.

Investigation (1-2 weeks):

A full exchange of client information, including financial information, and IRS/state Department of Revenue letters and notices. Full client protections are implemented at the IRS and state level to eliminate surprises-including powers of attorney for representation. Communications is established with the IRS and/or state.

Tax Plan:

If you decide to engage Kennedy Tax Solutions as the law firm to resolve your tax issues, a Tax Plan will be created that lays out all the options you have to deal with your tax problems-the related pros and cons of each decision. You decide what the right plan is for you and your family.

We implement the Tax Plan.

Resolution (30 days to 10 months):

Create all work product necessary to address the tax problems. Establish tax compliance with IRS and state agencies as necessary. Interface with IRS/state agency getting agreement and understanding of Tax Plan. Get the necessary documents and Tax Plan fully implemented. File forms, appeals, and petitions as needed. Keep case moving including communicating with client progress on matters. Case resolved!

Peace of Mind:

When the case is closed you get your life back. Sleeping better too! Congratulations!