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Hello.  I'm Dale R. Kennedy, J.D., CPA. I have a unique approach to help you solve your state and IRS tax problems, and to achieve the relief and freedom you're seeking.


Think about your IRS tax problem for a second.  What has stood in the way of solving your problem? Now, how would your life would be different if this problem went away?

“It matters not the
Spear, but the hand
which holds the spear.”

“I am the solution to your IRS tax problem. Mine is the hand that holds the spear.”
—Dale R. Kennedy

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You may have received a letter from a firm saying that a tax attorney was the best way to handle your problem, and then you may have heard on the radio that accountants understand the situation better. It's confusing — which is your best option?

Well, you’re in luck! You don’t have to worry about the difference, nor do you have to choose. You see, I am both a Tax Attorney and an Oregon-licensed CPA.

As an Oregon-licensed CPA for about the past 25 years, I have handled just about everything that accountants everywhere have seen:  Audits, Tax Planning and Preparation, Financial Document Preparation, Retirement Planning, Forensic Accounting, Internal Reviews, and my favorite...IRS Tax Resolution.

As a Tax Attorney for the past 17 years, my practice has been limited to Personal and Small Business Transactional Planning, Tax Preparation, Audit Defense and my favorite (again!)… IRS Tax Resolution.

Most of my competition is comprised of either accountants OR lawyers—sometimes a mix of both.  Because I AM both, I have a more thorough understanding of your problem and I can more efficiently achieve the solution that you need.  Quite honestly, I need only about 10 minutes with you before I understand your situation and have the perfect solution in mind!  I don’t mean to brag, but…

Not only do I understand your situation, and can craft the perfect solution unique to your needs, but I can also help you understand where things went wrong so that together, we can correct the problem going forward (I don’t need the repeat business!)  Perhaps you got some bad advice from another professional, and we can talk about that as well.

Okay, Dale, why is it more advantageous to have LOCAL representation? Isn’t the IRS more intimidated by those big national firms I see on TV?

When I handle someone’s IRS tax problems, I like to go to the source of that problem—the Revenue Agent or Criminal Investigator.  I meet with them in person, get a feel for who they are and let them get to know me as well.  This also gives me the ability to assess the temperament of the person handling your case and gives the agent a chance to verify my extensive background and experience.  It’s about establishing credibility and trust—it’s the sugar that helps the medicine go down!

To achieve the best resolution of your IRS or state tax troubles, it is vital that you be seen as a human being and not just a file, number, or random document.  By being local, by handling local cases, by being able and willing to journey to meet with the Revenue Agent or Criminal Investigator handling YOUR case, I am able to humanize you to these people.  This helps you gain the benefit of the doubt when your situation calls for discretion or the exercise of an agent’s judgment.  Listen:  it is difficult for anyone to give you the benefit of the doubt when you are just a number, or a file… or when your tax representative just phones it in!  But it can often mean the difference between paying a civil penalty, being charged with a crime…or being completely exonerated from all charges and penalties altogether!

Okay Dale, but couldn’t I just handle this on my own?

Sure, of course you can.  You can also grab a live power line with your bare hands.

Why do you think all your power cords in your house are thoroughly wrapped in rubber?  Because it’s the only way to handle raw electricity coursing through those wires and live!

You see, you CAN grab a live wire with electricity streaming through it.  Just like you CAN handle your own IRS tax problems by yourself.  But it’s probably not going to end well…in either case.  You need insulation - I AM YOUR INSULATION.

Here’s the thing:  I’ve been doing taxes as a CPA and as a tax attorney for longer than many of the IRS’ agents have been alive, let alone been doing taxes!  Simply put, I know the topic as well—sometimes better—than the IRS or your state agency does.  Not to be arrogant here—there certainly are folks in IRS and your state taxing agency who know the system as well or better than I do…but not many.   There’s not much I haven’t seen in my 25 years of tax practice.

When I call the state agency or IRS, we talk with each other as professionals.  They know I’m not going to try to bluff them, and they know I will be checking and re-checking every number and every claim that they make.  This tends to level the playing field and we can get right down to the heart of the business at hand.  Sometimes, in fact, I can settle your matter with just a phone call or a letter (see my “$100 Guarantee”).  This helps you get your matter resolved quickly and more favorably to you.

You COULD handle this on your own, but I can do a better job, faster, more efficiently, and probably with better results.

I get it! So what should I do now?

Almost certainly you should be in touch with my office at your earliest convenience—unless your situation is urgent, in which case you should contact me immediately.

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Request a phone call

Tell me about your situation and I will personally contact you in one or two business days. I promise.