Unfiled/Late Returns or IRS/State Filed Returns

This is probably the most common problem folks come to me with. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed—there’s just too many years to go back, too much information to put together, or maybe you’ve lost the information.

Did I mention my years as a forensic accountant? Missing data, boxes and boxes of data, whatever the case may be…I’ve never had a case overwhelm me.

Your problems might be a little more serious, though, if IRS or your state taxing authority is demanding that you file the returns. If you’ve received a letter asking you to file an unfiled return, this could be the first step of a criminal investigation and you need to get help right away.

Sometimes the IRS or state taxing authorities don’t wait, and file returns for you. Here the IRS will complete a return for you, using assumed numbers, then calculate tax (and penalties and interest) based on these assumed numbers…which are very often incorrect. It is very difficult to undo this once the IRS files a return for you. More importantly, you may lose many rights by relying on an IRS filed return.

It’s also very good to know how to fix these kinds of problems if they happen to you. Knowing IRS structure, the rules and regulations, and the internal processes available to you to address this situation is my forte.

Arrange a meeting with me so that we can get either one of these problems solved for you before it becomes too serious.