More about Dale R. Kennedy

I certainly face stiff competition in my field. There are so many folks out there offering to help you out. Lawyers, CPA’s and scores of others who claim to be able to best help you out of your current difficulties. Yet I have one thing most of my competition does not have: two licenses and two degrees!

I am both an Attorney and an Accountant.
Yes, most of the firms sending you mail or flashing their credentials online consist of either lawyers or CPA’s—sometimes both. But very rarely is the person handling your situation both a lawyer and an Accountant. When you come to Kennedy Tax Solutions, that’s exactly what you get. Two for the price of one!

I don’t have to spend time as an Accountant explaining or teaching the lawyer the accounting rules or methods used. Nor must I, as the attorney, explain to the CPA involved what needs to be done procedurally, or what the parameters of the laws and regulations are. In your case, the lawyer understands all the numbers, and the CPA knows all the procedures and precedential case law that can benefit you. Not only this, but the deeper level thinking, strategizing, and understanding the tactics to be employed are all under one hood…mine! This leads to greater efficiency and saves you time and most importantly, money!

Just as importantly, once we get you out of the immediate difficulty and danger, I can help you get back on track with your legal and financial obligations. Because I’ve been an Accountant for over 25 years, I can understand more readily how you got off track—and if a professional was responsible—and how to get you back on track and stay there. I can help you understand your legal position and obligations so that you can avoid tax trouble in the future. I can help you understand where things went wrong, how things went wrong, and how to understand it all so that you don’t fall into these types of difficulties again.

Hiring a lawyer who is also an Accountant (or an accountant who is also an attorney) has many, many benefits that my competition just cannot match.

Email me or give me a call today at 877.767.1325 so that I can show you the many ways I can help you out. I’m sure you’ll be pleased!