I received a letter from the IRS

I received a letter from IRS stating that my only recourse for an appeal of my taxes was to be filed within 90 days and I need to go through the United States Tax Court for my appeal. This looks expensive and overwhelming. Help!

You have received what is commonly called a Notice of Determination (“NOD”) or a 90 Day Letter.  This letter is saying that your assessment (amount of taxes owed) needs to be contested with the United States Tax Court.  This letter is common when the assessment of taxes is close to running out – say three years from the date the taxes were due to be filed or actually filed.

A petition needs to be filed with United States Tax Court within the 90 days that your letter was issued (there will be a stamped date on the letter indicating the 90th day). Following the filing of your petition, the case will be transferred to IRS appeals. At that point, you will be able to present your data that allows you to minimize or eliminate your taxes.