I plan to appeal my case to the Oregon Magistrate Court

I plan to appeal my case to the Oregon Magistrate Court. Are there any additional issues that I need to be aware of?

Good question as there are several issues that occur following the issuance of the NODA.  Thirty days after the issuance of the NODA, ODR will send a Notice and Demand to Pay. While this letter may seem concerning, it is the next notice that you need to be aware of. Thirty days after the Notice and Demand to Pay is sent (now 60 days after the NODA) the Department will send a Distraint Warrant or tax lien.  This is a document that creates a lien against your real and personal property. It is filed in the county that you reside in.  This document authorizes the ODR to garnish your wages or bank account, or potentially seize other assets, without further notice. It is important to understand that ODR could take these actions even before your appeal rights have expired.