I am filing in Magistrate Court

OK, so I am filing in Magistrate Court. What does this look, like?

You may represent yourself here. That’s the good news. You will need to file a Complaint in the Magistrate Court that alleges that the assessment that ODR made was incorrect. Following, the case will have a Magistrate who will give you time to work the issue out with ODR before going to trial. If the case ends up going to trial, the trial will be a little less formal than a typical Oregon courtroom proceeding. You still will need to have documents that you wish to establish your side of the story in the form of exhibits, along with any witnesses (expert or otherwise), you will need to develop direct examination that establishes your story and cross-examination of ODR’s conclusions.  You may want to consult with a competent tax attorney here. Rules for Magistrate Court may be found at