Couldn’t I just handle this on my own?

Sure, of course, you can.  You can also grab a live power line with your bare hands.

Why do you think all your power cords in your house are thoroughly wrapped in rubber?  Because it’s the only way to handle raw electricity coursing through those wires and live!

I am your insulation!”

Here’s the thing:  I’ve been doing taxes as an accountant and as an attorney for longer than many of the IRS’ agents have been alive, let alone been doing taxes!  Simply put, I know the topic as well—sometimes better—than the IRS or your state agency does.  Not to be arrogant here—there certainly are folks in IRS and your state taxing agency who know the system as well or better than I do…but not many.   There’s not much I haven’t seen in my 25 years of tax practice.

When I call the state agency or IRS, we talk with each other as professionals.  They know I’m not going to try to bluff them, and they know I will be checking and re-checking every number and every claim that they make.  This tends to level the playing field and we can get right down to the heart of the business at hand.  Sometimes, in fact, I can settle your matter with just a phone call or a letter. This helps you get your matter resolved quickly and more favorably to you.