Business Closure

In some cases, IRS actually comes and chains the doors to your business shut. Forgot your cell-phone inside? Too bad… it’s all IRS property now and removing the chains, or just simply entering constitutes trespassing and can be prosecuted criminally. How bad is the situation for your business right now? Having employees show up to chained up doors does a lot of damage to employee morale—especially for employees who were quite unaware as to the financial situation of your business. And retaining those employees.

While I can help unwind this situation, it is better to try to head off an action like the complete shut-down of your business. If your business is facing significant tax issues or is being threatened with dramatic measures by IRS or your state taxing authority, call me right away so that we can get the situation dialed back a few notches.

It’s better for all involved if you can continue in business and earn a profit to pay your taxes and get out of this situation, right?