The $100 Guarantee

If I can make a single phone call or write a single letter to resolve your tax problem, you won’t owe me anything more than a lone Ben Franklin.

That’s right, there are some cases that lend themselves to a phone call to an agent where I can explain that we’ve talked, I’ve explained some things to you, and you understand those things, and now we can propose a resolution right there to the agent. This is often good news to an agent, especially since they understand that I know how to solve the problems for them as well (Tax agents have certain parameters within which to work, so proposing solutions must take into account what they can and cannot do without getting into trouble on their end.)

This is not a common scenario, but if it works for you, you will have solved your tax troubles, gotten right with the offended tax agency, and all it will have cost you is a single C-note.