My tax agent just disappeared part way through my audit

I cut some (big) corners on my returns, and was notified of an audit.  I chose NOT to have professional help during my audit.  Strangely, about half-way through the audit, the Auditor disappeared. I’ve heard nothing from anyone, and can’t even get a hold of the Revenue Agent or the Auditor.  What’s going on?

This is a common scenario for cases that have been referred internally to the CID (Criminal Investigation Division). This is the part of IRS that investigates Tax Crimes. This division is staffed by a very seasoned group of veteran agents who’ve seen and heard it all. They’re very good at putting pieces of the puzzle together to establish the elements of a tax crime—or tax crimes.  You seriously need help here. It is critical that you get help from a very experienced tax attorney to help you minimize the damage that has occurred, or may yet occur.

RUN — do not walk — to the nearest phone and give me a call right now.

And remember your rights, especially the one about being silent.  This means you have the right to not talk to the government.