We are Tax Law Professionals Who Know all the Ins and Outs of Dealing with IRS and State Tax Problems.

Meet Your Kennedy Tax Solutions Team

Our Kennedy Tax Solutions Team is comprised of a Tax Attorney, a Lawyer, a Licensed Tax Professional and caring, dedicated professional staff. Together, we handle tax controversy law full-time, unlike many other companies for whom it’s a part-time endeavor. Your meeting will be with a licensed tax attorney, never a salesperson just trying to earn a commission.

Your Kennedy Tax Solutions Team will listen to your story, gather the facts of your particular situation, and then advise you as to what your options are. We won’t tell you necessarily what you want to hear-we’ll tell you what you need to hear to deal with your tax problem. Then we’ll develop the right solution to resolve your tax problem. Whatever your situation, there IS a right solution, and we will have you sleeping better tonight.