Our fees are quite simple.

First, we offer a NO-FEE consultation for 30 minutes.  You can schedule a phone consultation and explain your situation for 30 minutes without charge.  If you want to have the most impact on that 30 minute consultation, we recommend that you forward all documentation to us at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. It’s not absolutely necessary to get documentation to us...sometimes it’s just good to talk it out first, to help you stop freaking out and get your feet under you, build up some confidence, then we can get into the nitty gritty later.

Second, when we do start working on your matter, we will charge you a fee that is very clearly stated in our written fee agreement.  We will both understand well the scope of the work you are retaining us to handle (and not handle) and the fees we will charge for that.  We can charge a flat-fee—meaning a single fee for a set amount of work; or we can charge an hourly fee and bill based on work we do.  It is not easy to predict which is better for you in your case, but after we get a better handle on your situation, we can often tell pretty easily which one might work best for you in your circumstances.

We generally don’t take tax cases on a contingency basis.  However, sometimes we can base our fee on how much we can save you, or as a percentage of your current tax liability before we begin working on the case.