Much like the issue of Identity Theft, embezzlement from an employee or trusted adviser often leaves a small business and its owners in a very large wake of devastation and disaster. Depending on the extent of the crime—and the length of the criminal activity—the damage to your tax profile could be enormous, sometimes so huge that it could threaten the viability of the business itself!

If you’ve been the victim of an embezzler in your business, let’s chat—because I certainly can help you! Call me at 503.371.0061 or 877.767.1325 so that we can arrange a time to chat. I’ll be able to explain how my background in Forensic Accounting can help you not only find the best solution for your situation but also to help you prove to IRS or your state taxing authority your victim status. Not only can I help you minimize the pain and damage, but I can even help you heal by helping you recover some—or all—of the loss.