Deals from the IRS

Qualifying for the IRS Offer in Compromise

Qualifying for the IRS Offer in Compromise We've had a lot of interest in our last blog post on Offer-in-compromise. Two years ago, the offers in compromise submitted were largely rejected by IRS. In fact, only about 24% were accepted. However, about a year ago, IRS decided to make [...]

IRS Offer in Compromise

IRS Offer in Compromise We all get behind sometimes. Many folks who, prior to 2008, would never have dreamed of being late, much less behind, are finding themselves struggling just to stave off foreclosure or repossession. It’s tough out there now. It’s as true for your tax situation as [...]

More on “Qualifying” to File an Offer-in-Compromise

More on “Qualifying” to File an Offer-in-compromise Most folks think that if you file Bankruptcy, you can get a better deal with IRS when you open negotiations with them. But the truth is, IRS won't even talk to you while you're in bankruptcy. In fact, they have a whole [...]

Notice of Deficiency Letters

Notice of Deficiency Letters Remember when you were in high school and you'd see your boyfriend/girlfriend in the hallways, but they weren't smiling. Remember how you felt when they'd get to you and ominously say, “We need to talk...”? Getting letters from the IRS is a lot like that, [...]

Your Rights are Valuable

Your Rights are Valuable When it comes to assessing and collecting taxes, you have rights.  Although I'm sure you do not fully understand what they are, or how broad they may reach, you have them.  And they have value.  Allow me to explain. You see, your rights are like [...]