Criminal Tax Issues

A criminal case is by far the most serious tax trouble you can have. If you are facing a criminal probe, I understand the stress that you’re feeling right now. Just sleeping at night is a challenge!

You know that you are facing a criminal probe when you’ve received a subpoena for records or when Criminal Investigators are poking around the people and businesses that you do business with and ask a bunch of questions about you and your business. If either of these things happened or are happening, then you need help…and fast!

Call my office right away at 503.371.0061 or 877.767.1325 for an immediate appointment to discuss how best to handle this situation. Whether you meant it or not, I can help you.

Remember: You cannot talk your way out of this (perhaps I can, but you certainly cannot!) You have a 5th Amendment right to not answer questions and the 6th Amendment right to counsel (“I won’t answer any questions until I get the counsel of an Tax Attorney”).