Civil Fraud

When the IRS or your state taxing authority says that you’ve engaged in fraud, it causes most folks to feel either anger or fear. Whether you meant to do it or not, fraud means an intent to deceive.

In my experience, most people do not intentionally engage in deceit. Rather, the activity is more innocent—maybe ignorant, perhaps even negligent, but certainly not intentional. However, the IRS has pretty rigid guidelines on what constitutes fraud—if you fall into that category, you’re definitely going to need some help.

Because I’ve handled hundreds of such situations in my career, I have the skill to delicately unwind the situation as much as possible. Above all, I know how to help you develop the proof necessary to substantiate your claims—and discount theirs, so that you end up keeping your money, property, freedom and above all, your good name!

It’s best that you handle this situation with someone to help you. I can start taking the pressure off of you, your family, and your business today.