My auditor is acting unprofessionally

I’m being audited and the person doing the audit is being very rude to me. They are very aggressive and seems to assume the worst when I have difficulty providing information to support my return data. Is there a way to address this?

Tax payers have rights when it comes to interacting with the IRS. That being said, however, IRS exams are not designed to be fair as you and I might think of the word “fair”. You have options:

  1. politely argue with the auditor (realizing that you’ll get nowhere)
  2. request to meet with the auditor’s manager. Again, politely contend with him/her that the auditor made incorrect conclusions and assumptions. You’ll need as much supporting data to back up your position.
  3. file an appeal. This is a great place because the IRS representative who handles these cases is willing to take a second look—and listen—to your position. Sometimes you can move him or her enough to get them to agree to a lesser tax or even NO tax. You will need to be very well prepared and have all your research handy.